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Silicon Carbide Cooling Air Tube suppliers

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High quality SiSiC Cooling Air Tube introduction
Reaction bonded silicon carbide cold-air pipe is suitable for cooling zone of roller kiln.
With the characteristics of oxidation resistance, extreme cold and heat resistance, creep resistance under high temperature, thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, no oxidation and deformation under long time operation, it can improve the product quality effectively.
The reaction bonded silicon carbide cold-air pipe is the ideal kiln furniture replacing stainless steel and other materials, the service life is 10 times longer than stainless steel tube(under 1380℃). RBSIC/SISIC cold-air pipe is the ideal high-grade refractory kiln furniture of sanitary ware, microcline, electrical porcelain, refractory and other industries.
High quality SiSiC Cooling Air Tube Technical parameters
Application temperature℃1380
Densityg/cm3≥ 3.02
Open porosity%≤ 0.1
Bending strengthMpa250 (20℃)
Mpa280 (1200℃)
Modulus of elasticityGpa330 (20℃)
Gpa300 (1200℃)
Thermal conductivityW/m.k45 (1200℃)
Coefficient of thermal expansionK-1×10-64.5
Rigidity 13
Acid and alkali resistance Excellent
2012  start cooperating with NGK,TOTO and some famous insulation and sanitary ware manufacturer in Japan and Vietanam, we provide our silicon carbide kiln furniture.
2013  we purchased more bigger furnaces to expand our capacity.
2014  New factory was established, and we develop new products, Silicon Nitride ceramics, this materials is used for alumina foundry.
2015  Develop new agency for our silicon nitride ceramics in Korea, Japan and Indonisa.
2016  establish cooperation with cordierite-mullite kiln furniture factory
2017  establish cooperation with Alumina ceramic factory
Our Advantages
1.We are the biggest factory of silicon carbide kiln furniture in Jiangsu province ,china .
2.Quality Control through the whole Manufacturing process.
3.General Inspection on fixing before Packing.
4.Our silicon carbide kiln furnitures all passed ISO 9001.
5.service long life of silicon carbide kiln furniture.
6.Many other Designs for you to choose and we can Accept minimum order. Your interests can be fully Guaranteed.
Silicon Carbide Cooling Air Tube suppliers
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