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Silicone Heating Pad suppliers

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Feature of Silicone Rubber Heat Resistance :
Product nameResistance bands
Working Temperature-60°C ~+200°C
Max Temperature230°C
Power Deviation8% insulation
Resistance≥ 5 MΩ
Standard Width20mm~1200mm
Standard LengthUp to 25mm
Standard Lead Wire200mm long
Application of Silicone Rubber Heat Resistance:
1.Heat Plate Resistance Bands can be used in damp, no explosive gas atmosphere, industrial equipment pipelines, heat preservation for can and barrel.
2.Heat Plate Resistance Bands can be used as a frozen prevention, air conditioner compressor, assisting heating of electrical equipment3 medical devices ( such as blood analyzers, test tube heater, medical care, body slimming belt corset compensation such as heat )
3. Also Heat Plate Resistance Bands can be used as medical equipment and medical care (such as blood tube heater, blood analyzer, heat supplementary for corset and waistband).
4.Fast heat diffusion, Uniform heat transfer, Directly heat objects on; high thermal efficiency, high strength, long service life, work safe .
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Due to the flexibility in circuit design of silicone rubber heaters, multiple heating circuits can be designed to accommodate dual voltage and multiple zones. On dual voltage heaters, three leads, including a common in a different color, are provided for wiring the heater in series for the higher voltage and parallel for the lower voltage. 120/240 Vac or 240/480 Vac can be achieved. Multiple circuit areas can be zoned to achieve different heating effects. Three-phase circuits can also be designed for high current applications.
Trade show
Pls advise below details when inquire
(1).Type of Heater
(2).Wattage and Voltage
(3).Dimension of the tube and APPROX length of the heating tube
(4).Drawing required for special configuration
(5).Working environment
As a trustworthy manufacture,we can assure you for:
Consistent&Uniform quality of products throughout the Merchandise.
Shipments well within the time agreed between us.
Most competitive prices and assuring our prooducts quality.
Our belief:
Beno company is a professional Chinese heating element manufacture.
Our focus is on quality control,making excellent before and after-sales service and enlarging product
service and enlarging product series to meet clients'requirements.
Welcome to contact with us,we are always free to answer you question.
We sincere hope to set up good businss relationships with you to create a bright future!
We can send the sample to you for free. you can test our quality!Silicone Heating Pad suppliers
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