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Steel Building Kits suppliers

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About Fiberglass wool
Fiberglass wool is melted and then fiberized by adding binder curing processed glass wool felt products, and glass wool fiber diameter is determined by the centrifugal extrusion technology.
Fiberglass wool advantages
Sound absorption and noise reduction, can effectively prevent the sound transmission.
Construction is simple, free to cut.
Anti-bacterial mildew, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, to ensure a healthy environment.
A1 level fire, permanent non-flammable.
Low humidity, high durability.
Nowadays, glass wool board has been widely used in building exterior insulation, insulation, sound-absorbing, noise reduction, industrial furnace insulation; steel insulation board sandwich.
Glass wool board is a glass wool deep-processing products, all of its raw materials full glass wool board semi-finished products, polished, spray, stickers, processing and other processes made. In order to ensure a certain amount of decorative effect, the surface basically has two ways: First, affixed plastic plastic paper; the second is sprayed on the surface. Sprayed often made into relief shapes, the shape of a large flower pressure, flower pressure and dot spray pattern. It has more colors to choose from, currently used more is white.
Centrifugal Fiberglass wool
Centrifugal glass wool is the glass in the molten state by centrifugal blow molding process of fiberized spray thermosetting resin made of filamentous material, and then heat curing deep processing, can be made with a variety of uses for a range of products. It has many advantages such as burning, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, strong chemical stability, low moisture absorption, good hydrophobicity and so on. It is currently recognized as superior insulation, Wide range of uses. The boards, felts and pipes made of this material have been widely used in thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction in the fields of construction, chemical, electronics, power, metallurgy, energy, transportation and so on. The effect is very remarkable.
As centrifugal glass wool soft, fine fibers, the construction will not stimulate the skin, which welcomed by the construction unit, a choice of thermal insulation products.
Centrifugal glass wool main technical indicators
NOParameterNuitNational standard Remark
1densitykg/m3 10-100GB483.3-85
2Average fiber diameterμm≤8.05.5GB5480.4-85
3Hydrophobicity rate%≥9898.2GB10299-88
4Thermal conductivityw/m.k≤0.0420.033GB10294-88
6Acoustic absorptivity0024kg/m32000HZGBJ47-83
7end-use temperature℃400410 Steel Building Kits suppliers
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