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poultry farm layout

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Broiler house
Modern Broiler House Poultry Farm sheds Structure Construction Design Plans
Product Description:
Qingdao Showhoo Steel Structure will propose differently design of poultry farm structure. Because of different countries have different climate, market and habits requirements. Generally the width of broiler house is 8m-16m, length is less than 150m, and height is 2.2m-2.5m.

Our poultry house can be design with three type:
Close type: sandwich panel for wall and roof, also you can choose house design with ceiling. Use dropped ceiling system will improve ventilation and reduce heating cost.
Open type: sandwich panel or steel sheet & aluminum bubble foil for roof, no wall or wire mesh & curtain for wall.
Close &open type: sandwich panel or steel sheet & aluminum bubble foil for roof, with wall and windows.
Also you can give us your thoughts; we will realize it for you.

Poultry farm house design often used in chicken poultry sheds, broiler farming.
Also we can introduce our partner (the equipment supplier) to you if you need. Then we work together to provide more workable project for you.
NumberComponents name Material
1column and beam Welded Q345 H section steel, square tube (painted or galvanized)
2Roof &wall Sandwich panel with EPS, rock wool, fiber glass or PU. Colorful corrugated steel sheet
3purlin C or Z section steel, size from C80-C280, Z100-Z280, galvanized
4brace Round steel, steel pipe, angle steel, etc. (painted or galvanized
5Door &windowSandwich panel door or roller door. PVC or aluminum alloy windows
6edge cover Color steel sheet
7gutter Color steel sheet or galvanized steel plate
8down pipe PVC pipe
9accessories Anchor bolt, high strength bolts, ordinary bolts, self-tapping screw, glass adhesive, fans, skylight panel, etc.
There are 3 options of installation as following:
1. Clients install it by themselves according our detailed drawings and video.
2. Our engineer go to help on construction site.
3. We provide an installation team to help on construction site.poultry farm layout
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