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China Military Simulated Bunkers

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military simulated bunkers hill
Military simulated bunkers could restore the war atmosphere to the maximum extent. There are katyusha, tank, truck and so on. With these, the business operators could satisfied the military enthusiast. And in the game, the finish not only replicates a Tank'(or fighter,truck and so on) shape, it also showcases an authentic looking camouflage pattern.
Shape inflatable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
- The first inflatable manufacturer in China, since 1994.
Range of Product
Featured products - inflatable lighting decoration, inflatable tents, inflatable paintball bunkers as well as inflatable military dummy products.
General inflatable products - inflatable slide, inflatable toy, inflatable cartoon, inflatable bouncy castle, sky dancer, water game, PVC balloon and so on.
Reliable and durable Material
Top quality material are always applied on our inflatables, and all of them are from one of the best material suppliers in China
Color Swatch
Color can be according to the pictures provide above, can also be customized
Why choose us
1, Recommendation: We also do not want you to buy cheap products, it can not be used after purchase, or in the process of using the problems, it will have a great impact on the customer, It will  delay your time and bring the  Negative impact to your customer, also waste of shipping costs, your business lost so  your mood is not good.
2, production time :We have not gone through the trading, directly to our own factory production, under the premise of guaranteeing quality,use  the fastest production time, can be quickly delivered, greatly reducing the time
3, Price: All of our products are produced by ourselves, what kinds of material do we use What is the cost of research and development What is the cost of manufacturing We are all very clear, because all of products are make by ourself, so the price is of course the lowest.
1. Q: What's the production time of your company?
A: It depends on your quantity, it is 5-10 working days generally.
2. Q: How much is the maintenance cost?
A: This cost can be negligible, as the blower consumes only a few units of electricity each day.
3. Q: What payment methods your company accept?
A: We accept Trade Assurance, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram and Paypal.
4. Q: Do you give any discount ?
A: We'll help you to get those by the most cost-effective price and good service at the same time.
5. Q: How long is the warranty time for your products?
A: Our promised warranty time is 12 months against material defect and workmanship after delivery.China Military Simulated Bunkers
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