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buy Waterproof Dyed Fabric

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Shandong Shengrun Textile Co.,LTD.was established in June 2000, with registered capital RMB 43 Million and 30 thousand and total assets RMB 190 million. Shandong Shengrun Textile Co.,LTD. possesses 400 domestic advanced looms, 18 Japanese WEMS computer shuttle flying embroidery machines, 40,000 spindles for spinning cotton yarn, and several advanced quilting and seaming lines. The annual capacity is 12,000 tons of different kind of yarn, 15 million meters of grey fabrics, 1.5 million meters of embroidery , over 2000 tons of all kinds of towel blankets and 500,000 sets of home textiles. Our customers are from Europe,North America, Africa, Asean coutries , the Middle east and dozens of other countries. After continuous expansion and extension, we formed a complete industry chain including cotton spinning and processing , ho usehold textiles manufacture and domestic and overseas sales. In the year of 2013, the 600 million sales revenue came true.
Shandong Shengrun Textile Co.,LTD. took the lead in passing ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management Systerm, ISO14001:2004 Environment Management Systerm ,OHSAS18001:2007 Occupation   Health Satety Management Systerm treble identification.At the same time, Shengrun brand was affirmed as Shandong Famous Brand, CCTV Ranklist Brand, Shandong Famous Trademark,China Well-known Trademark. Shandong Shengrun Textile Co.,LTD. won more than a hundred honorary titles like Chinese Patent   Shandong Star Enterprise, Model Enterprise of Informatization of Manufacturing Industry in Shandong,
Shandong Funds Safe Unit,Shandong Growth-type Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, Trustworthy Enterprise, Agriculture   Industrialization Emphasis Leading Enterprise, Special Contribution Private   Enterprise, Jining AAA Grade Credible Enterprise and so on.
The regional market for our product sales and the achievement results are described   below.Our tablecloths are mainly sold to the United States, the Middle East,   Europe, and South America, where the volume of transactions with the United   States is more than 1.5 million US dollars.Our grey fabrics are mainly sold   to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Germany. The transaction   volume with Thailand is more than 2 million US dollars.Our finished fabrics   are mainly sold to Brazil, Bangladesh and the United States. The transaction   volume with Bangladesh is more than 3 million US dollars.Our yarns are mainly   exported to Turkey, Ecuador, Peru and Bangladesh, and the transaction with   Turkey is more than 900,000 US dollars.
Our company proactively provides customers with relevant product knowledge and guides customers to purchase products that best suit their needs.We enthusiastically introduce and display products for our customers, explain in detail how to use products, patiently help customers select products, provide users with product technical advice, confirm user needs, provide users with complete solutions, etc., and answer customer questions.Our company provides customers with a variety of services and return visits aimed at bringing their products to play their due role and facilitating customers after they purchase their products.buy Waterproof Dyed Fabric
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