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Self Adhesive Flooring suppliers

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Self adhesive PVC floor Introduction
Self adhesive PVC floors have a pressure sensitive adhesive layer on their back and do not require extra glue. They are installed by simply removing the protective film, positioning the plank or tile, and pressing down.
Features of Self adhesive PVC floor
1.Safety and environmental protection
Non-toxic ,Formaldehyde free flame retardant
2.Antibacterial and easy clean  
Inhibition of bacteria, easy cleaning and maintenance
3.Heat insulation and energy saving
Warm in winter and cool in summer ,saving energy
4.The warm soft
Comfortable ,elastic
5.Rich pattern
Diverse style, rich colors
6.Quiet sound
Sound insulation of excellent.

Self adhesive PVC floor advantage
1、Fire prevention, water resistance, skid resistance, corrosion  prevention, moth proofing, insect prevention
2、The product has the diverse design and color, including the wood figure of rose wood, sandal wood, padauk, oak, camphorwood and other imitated woods as well as imitated marble,imitated antique and imitated brick.
3、The surface has the wearing layer and has the antibacterial effect.UV nano processing No waxing
4、The product is odorlessness,formaldehyde-free and non-toxic,and is the green environment-friendly product.The company has various certification and quality inspection reports of the product.

Quality control
1. Checking raw material before producing.
2. Checking one by one before the assembling.
3. Checking one by one during the production.
4. Have the random inspection before the delivery.

Our Services
• Try our best to meet and exceed customer's expectation --
 Strictly quality control, on-time delivery and prompt responsiveness to customers' requirements.
• Fellow up and feed back tightly during production process.
• Provide real pictures of loading container.
• Provide free samples for trial sale.
• Customized designs, colors, sizes and logos are welcome.
• Price term and payment are negotiable.
1. Q:How big is your processing site?
A: About 12000 square meters.
2. Q: How about your payment?
A: In general, T / T is the most popular, or we can discuss the other ways later.
3. Q: Did you test all the goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% of the pre-test delivery.
4. Q: How do you make our business to keep a long-term and good relationship?
A: We believe that honesty, trustworthiness, maintaining good quality is the best way to maintain our business development. Of course there is always a competitive price at good quality to ensure the benefit of our clients.
5. Q: Which countries do you mainly export ?
A: So far, we have exported to Switzerland, Singapore, India, Japan, Vietnam, Laos and so on.
6. Q: How is the quality of your goods?
A: We work with many international and domestic group companies and our products are well received by our customers. And we all know that quality is the company's most important thing, and we will always guarantee the best quality. Self Adhesive Flooring suppliers
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