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Synthetic Athletic Track Manufacturer

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Full PU and mixed type safety rubber running track surface for running track
Key Specifications of Full PU rubber track surface:
The running track or say all-weather athletic running track,is made from PU,synthetic material,including paint,additive,anti-oxygen additive,anti-aging additive, filling, rubber and so on. The surface of running track is made by EPDM rubber granule or PU granule. Plastic and rubber running track is good for sportsmen’s speed and technique, effective for improving sporting achievement, useful for protecting sportsmen form falling down with features of flatness, anti-press, good elasticity, steady performance of physic and chemistry, stand and long-lasting color, long using life. From the pattern, they can be divided into mixing, ventilate, compound and so on. From the appearance, they can be divided into of granule, non-granule, ready-made. The running track can be painted in red, or green, or blue. There are 13mm in competition area, 9mm in non-competition area. For adding thickness area, it is 20-25mm. Running tracks are recognized as the best all-weather sports ground material in the world. Our running track products have been certificated by IAAF. We can supply the professional and all-round service for you from material to installing technique and technician to installing machines.
Product Description of Full PU rubber track surface
Force Reduction %36.0
Vertical Deformation mm1.30
Skid Resistance BPN20掳C53
Tensile strength MPa0.56
Elongation at Break %51.7
Flame Retardance1
Test ConclusionPass GB/T22517.6-2011;GB/T14833-2011
Permeable type:
The advanced technology for this kind of running track is introduced from abroad,
After specialised,now it is popular with primary schools,secondary schools and universities in China

The bottom layer is the combination of one component glue combine and SBR, it's  environmentally friendly and permeable.
At high temperatures, the steam generated by the foundation, will soon dissipate. The steam pressure can not be gathered, so no bubbling, and this type meet professional requirements with good elasticity.
1.Color EPDM surface, making it highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, no fade, strong wear,which are proved
2.The EPDM granules don't drop, mix the EPDM with polyurethane slurry first,and then construct by mechanical spraying
3.Excellent weather resistance, not aging.
4.Stable Elasticity all year around, so in winter is not hard and in summer it is not soft
5.Strong Power for rotating and shock-absorbing,emphasizing on comfort and safety for athletes, and helps them improve the performance.
6.Stressed the  the overall performance of truck, suitable for each game and long-term training.
7.The Marking line is not easy to peel off, bright  color, do not fade, wear better.
8.Flatness reach the IAAF standard, good water filters,there is no need to stop the game in light rain day.and the game can immediately begin after heavy rain,no ponding
9.Professional production, process is simple and relatively short,beautiful color, clean and easy to maintain.
Based on customers’ requirements and budget, we can do pavement plans and customized products whether it is the new or renew court. Our company can help customers to one-stop procurement, from the running track to the one component pu adhesive glue,race track spray glue,EPDM rubber granules,dryer,paint ,MDBE/environment friendly solvent etc...
Our production:
Certificates:Synthetic Athletic Track Manufacturer
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