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Products For Men

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Prostatic Navel Plaster
Product name:prostate patches  
Product introduction:This product is a external health care product and is suitable for external patches for male prostate discomfort.
Ingredients: Prunella vulgaris, Phellodendron, Earthworm, Safflower, Porcelain soap, Curcuma, cinnamon, woody, fennel, wall-breaking Locust pollen, magnolia, borneol
Health efficacy:This product is a external health care product that can promote blood circulation, collateral circulation, phlegm and is used for the care of prostate discomfort.
Conpany standard:Q/XSY03-2012
License:Shaanxi Health Insurance Card No.04010068
Instruction:External use. Adhere to the navel(Shenque),Before cleaning, clean the area and dry it. Take this product and remove it. Remove the edge of the non-woven tape and align it with the navel. Apply it one at a time, once for two days. Each month is a use cycle.
Specification:1.5g/paste;3 paste/box;4paste/box
Shelft life:24 months
Storage method: sealed, placed in a cool dry place.
Taboo:1、Umbilical skin damage,Allergic person used with caution。2、few people appear reddish and itchy after using this product, and disappear after being disabled.,Or fix this product with other medical tape. For localized reactions in continuous use, and blisters in severe cases, this product can be deactivated by conventional surgical treatment.
Factory address:Xi’an Shaanxi province, China
Male prostatitis symptoms
cute bacterial infection prostatitis: is the most rare prostatitis, the symptoms are usually sudden and severe, including:
Fever, chills, joint pain
Lower back pain, perineum (position between the anus and scrotum), testicular and penile pain
Frequent urination, pain when urinating
Cannot completely clear the urine in the bladder
Urinary retention
Ejaculation pain
Feeling painful when you are anxious or defecate
Shipping policy:
1.All the items will be shipped within 1-3 days by Airmail after confirm order.
2.Most times you will receive your order within 10-30 business days after we transfer your package to the delivery company. We cannot guarantee the delivery timeframe if the post office has any unexpected delays due to holiday, weather, customs, or other conditions. Some countries like Russia, Brazil, or some European countries may take up to 50 days or longer for delivery.
3.We appreciate your patience if you haven't received items in 30 days(Russian customers may need more patience by reason of the local delivery system and/or customs). If you are concerned in any way, please feel free to contact us via Alibaba message instead of leaving negative/neutral feedback or opening a dispute. We will make every effort to fix any problem(resend or refund any missing item).
4.Customs duty is obligation and liability of a citizen in your country, so buyer should be responsible for any tax and custom duty incurred. Generally, the delay or failure delivery is sometimes caused by the policy of different customs. For example, Laser Pointer is unacceptable in some countries. Therefore, please double check your local customs policy carefully before purchase. Or, we will NOT be responsible for any failure delivery related destination customs issue.

After-Sale Service
1.Once you get the package, please let us know your idea on our goods, packaging and
2.The products with problems could be replaced with ratio 1:1
3.Any problems will be answered within 24hours
4.If you need us to improve the service, please feel free to contact us or email us.
5.If you think highly of our products, please introduce our store to your family and your
Products For Men
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